Schooling and vocational training do not make an educated person in alders article adult education

It is difficult to find a job or be a functioning member of society without being educated. As a result, governments around the world promote and provide means for their citizens to acquire basic education. Young people drop out of high school or college because of various social and economic factors.

Schooling and vocational training do not make an educated person in alders article adult education

Pro In this debate I am neither trying to prove that high school education is unnecessary nor that high school education should not be free. I am also referring to American high school education only because I know very little about foreign education My resolution is that the current high school education should not be mandatory.

Schooling and vocational training do not make an educated person in alders article adult education

While technically, high school education is not mandatory, one is required to stay in school until 16, the age most people are in high school. My contentions are the following. It will free up economic resources.

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The core requirements taught in high school: Algebraand history are rarely necessary, especially for blue collar jobs and lower skilled jobs ex: Those that need it are usually white collar workers. Therefore, society is creating economic waste by providing a service that has little benefit to the majority of people.

If high school education was not mandatory, less people would enter high school, therefore lowering expenses on education, and tax money could be used for other purposes ex: Most necessary information is taught through K Skills such as reading, writing, basic math arithmetic, basic probability, pre-algebrabasic science, American history and government are already taught.

Students are given 8 or more years depending if one goes to kindergarten or stays back to learn these skills that are necessary in the United States. For example countries like China have better high schools since high school is not required. Also higher education, which is not mandatory, in the United States is considered vastly superior to high school education.

Mandatory high school education directly infringes on the freedom of others You are requiring people to spend at least six hours a day a facility. Also one is required to do activities one does not want to do ex: Also one can be punished receive detention for almost any reason a teacher wishes.

Report this Argument Con I thank my opponent for starting this debate and would quickly like to proceed to my refutations and arguments.

My arguments are most likely to be included in my refutations, though. However, I will restate them to make them clearer.

Schooling and vocational training do not make an educated person in alders article adult education

Seeing as my opponent has not opened with any definitions, I will define a few words. How is science and mathematics not important? These two extremely important subjects have funded society as we know it today.

Without these two things, we would not have technology such as computers, televisions, satellites, cell phones, and many other items! Literature inspires people to create pieces of writing that one day may produce great works of art. Literature encourages writers to produce new ideas, include new themes, and new developed characters.

They certainly had influence and must have had encouragement to weave such wonderful stories that people enjoy. History lectures produce historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists that search for answers as to why certain empires fell, so that we can avoid those errors.

We can learn about our history and what happened and why we exist. In every class, you have those who are not that dedicated to learning, and those people take lower skilled jobs. As I previously stated, those who get out of high school usually go to college and further their studies. Some become extremely successful and make plenty of money for the economy.

You are requiring people to spend at least six hours a day a facility. An completely free society is a chaotic one.that individuals are exposed to four alternative treatments: (1) vocational education at the upper secondary or post-secondary level; (2) academic education at the upper secondary or post-secondary level; (3) vocational education at the tertiary level; (4) academic education at the tertiary level.

It involves the documentation of Yupiaq practices in a traditional fish camp and science education in a school setting.

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The most important vehicle for data gathering was the role of participant-observer, because it was congruent with the way Yupiaq people learn.

The race for the Michigan Board of Education will appear at the bottom of the ballot, but the winners stand to make a major impact on the lives of thousands of students.

They will help shape state policy on issues like school closures, social studies standards, and the level of reading skill below which students will have to repeat the third grade.

Later in the month, across the Charles River, at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, the and vocational training in aviation, applied mechanics, construction trades, cosmetology, health science, and information technology.

Merriner also administers IDEA (Interior Distance Education of Alaska), a home-schooling-support effort that. These individuals require advanced education and experience and must complete a graduate degree in nursing with a specialized program of study such as women's health, critical care, or public health.

Apr 11,  · CANDIDATES' ANSWERS is compiled from questionnaires sent to the candidates by the League of Women Voters of Dane County. The League is .

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