Nuclear officer

Early life[ edit ] Arkhipov was born into a peasant family in the town of Staraya Kupavnanear Moscow.

Nuclear officer

How difficult would it be to find relevant information to help inform my decision on whether to proceed with an application? After 5 years in the Nuclear Navy I knew where to look for data and had the benefit of personal experience to reinforce what I read, but absent those two factors there was shockingly little information available.

My intent in creating this site was to address this dearth of readily available information, to provide my own commentary on what I think is the very compelling value proposition of the NUPOC Program, and to make as many external sources covering topics like program history, congressionally-published pay and benefits tables, exit opportunities, interview study materials, etc, readily available to potential applicants who are attempting to determine whether the program is a good fit for them.

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I hope you find it useful as you consider the program - regardless of whether you decide to apply. I make every effort to be objective and candid in the portions of this site which are my commentary. The financial benefits up-front are eye-catching, but the key in my view is the body of experience and the skills you will develop, coupled with how it sets you up going forward whether in the Navy or the exit opportunities that are available.

Not all great opportunities are for everyone, after all. The following discussions can be reached via the menu bar above: Many of the links are referenced specifically in the text of one or more of the discussions noted above, but all provide useful data.

If you notice any, feel free to write me a note below bottom of page below image.The basic requirements for selection to the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC). Program leads to appointment on active duty as a Navy Ensign.

Land a job in nuclear operations in the U.S. Navy. Get trained to operate and maintain nuclear reactors aboard Naval ships and submarines. Perform complex technical functions at the core of sub and carrier capabilities in a Navy nuclear ops job. BECOME A COMMISSIONED OFFICER; BECOME AN ENLISTED SAILOR; JOINING THE .

Nuclear officer

Launch a career as a U.S. Navy Submarine Officer.

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Get top training in nuclear technology and lead one of the world's most powerful nuclear deterrents. Navy nuclear submarine Officers are leaders of a critically important arm of the Fleet. Become a Surface Warfare Officer in America's Navy. SWOs manage a vast array of people and systems aboard the U.S.

Navy's fleet of ships. Learn more about the requirements and process to become a Naval SWO. How much does a Nuclear officer make? Salaries for Nuclear officer vary by company.

Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted to Glassdoor by Nuclear officer employees. Why Nuke Job Fair? The first career fair that connects Navy nuke officers to the country's best companies and schools.

Join us as we turn a really unique restaurant into a really unique career fair.

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